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Maximum Ventures is a privately held corporation founded in 1993 which publishes information under two imprints: Maximum Press and Clear Horizon.

Maximum Press specializes in publishing content in the form of books, ebooks, FlashBooks, Web content, mobile applications, and other formats. We cover IBM related topics as well as information to help businesses succeed in the online arena. Maximum Press has been working in close cooperation with IBM for over 20 years to develop and regularly update books, ebooks, mobile applications, and other interactive content including the popular Exploring IBM series which has sold over 350,000 copies in 12 languages. Maximum Press also publishes popular trade books, ebooks, and Web content on Internet business topics.

Clear Horizon is a specialty publishing imprint covering a wide range of topics including community service projects.

You can contact Maximum Press via email: info@maxpress.com or via phone: (234) 228-6115.

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