Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing Books Selected for the B-to-B Marketer

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Cliff Allen, Deborah Kania, and Beth Yaeckel, One-to-One Web Marketing, 2nd edition.

A comprehensive guide to one-to-one marketing on the Web with lots of examples, tips, and techniques.

Robert W. Bly, Business-to-Business Direct Marketing, The Online Copywriter’s Handbook, and The White Paper Marketing Handbook.

The first is a very useful overview of business-to-business tactics; the second focuses on the creative side of online marketing, and the third provides advice on using white papers to gain leads and build credibility.

Rick Bruner, Leland Harden, and Bob Heyman, Net Results. 2: Best Practices for Web Marketing.

Textbook-style but with useful advice on brand building, direct marketing, and more.

David D’Alessandro, Brand Warfare: 10 Rules for Building a Killer Brand.

Brand building from the CEO of John Hancock.

George Duncan, Streetwise Direct Marketing.

A DM pro covers the gamut of direct marketing.

Tracy Emerick and Bernard Goldberg, Business-to-Business Direct Marketing, 3rd edition.

An authoritative overview of offline business-to-business marketing.

Lois Geller, Response! The Complete Guide to Profitable Direct Marketing.

A DM guru shares tips.

Seth Godin, Permission Marketing.

An e-marketing classic by an Internet visionary that gets to the heart of a key Internet marketing issue: Prospects will ultimately call the shots by giving marketers permission to send them marketing messages.

Bernie Goldberg, How to Measure Lead Generation Programs and The Lead Generation Enigma: Why Salespeople Don’t Like Leads and What to Do about It.

Small books with a big message.

Denny Hatch and Donald R. Jackson, 2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success.

A compendium of advice from DM pros. Encyclopedia of what to do (and what not to do), with pearls of wisdom from all corners of the direct marketing world.

Shel Holtz, Public Relations on the Net.

How to use the Internet for PR.

Victor Hunter, Business-to-Business Marketing: Creating a Community of Customers.

Victor Hunter was talking about community-building long before it became a buzzword in the online world.

Susan K. Jones, Creative Strategy in Direct and Interactive Marketing, 3rd edition and Marketing Convergence (with Ted Spiegel).

How the creative side of DM works, and a profile of how leading companies are integrating their online and offline marketing strategies.

Shannon Kinnard, Marketing with E-mail.

A comprehensive resource for e-mail marketers.

Michael McGrath, Product Strategy for High Technology Companies: Accelerating Your Business to Web Speed.

More than 250 examples from high-tech companies.

Kim MacPherson, Permission-based E-mail Marketing That Works!

E-mail tips and techniques.

Geoffrey A. Moore, Inside the Tornado and Crossing the Chasm.

Moore studied Silicon Valley companies and wrote Crossing the Chasm, which became a marketing classic. In this book, he explores the technology product life cycle and shows what companies go through to achieve marketing success. This and the previous volume are must-reads for IT marketers.

Edward L. Nash, Direct Marketing: Strategy, Planning, Execution, 4th edition.

One of the most comprehensive overviews of direct marketing. Includes details of database marketing, infomercials, and interactive marketing. Also information on planning, mailing lists, print media, and more.

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, One to One B2B; Enterprise One to One: Competing in the Interactive Age; and The One to One Fieldbook.

Any book by the acknowledged one-to-one experts will be worth the read.

Mary Lou Roberts and Paul Berger, Direct Marketing Management.

How to manage direct marketing programs.

Stevan Roberts, Robert W. Bly and Michelle Feit, Internet Direct Mail: The Complete Guide to Successful E-mail Marketing Campaigns.

A comprehensive primer on e-mail marketing.

Christopher Ryan, High Performance Interactive Marketing.

High-level strategies for online marketing.

Don Schultz and Philip Kitchen, Communicating Globally: An Integrated Marketing Approach.

Strategies for worldwide integrated marketing.

Arthur Sculley and William Woods, B2B Exchanges: The Killer Application in the Business-to-Business Internet Revolution.

An essential guide to exchanges.

Patricia B. Seybold, and The Customer Revolution.

This best-seller and its follow-up book share strategies for orienting your company to customers, including in-depth examples of companies that use the Internet to do it right.

David Shepard, The New Direct Marketing: How to Implement a Profit-Driven Database Marketing Strategy.

The emphasis is on data.

Thomas M. Siebel, Cyber Rules.

Strategies for excelling at e-business by the founder of Siebel Systems.

Barry Silverstein, Internet Marketing for Information Technology Companies, 2nd edition.

Internet marketing strategies and tactics for software, hardware, and networking companies, by the author of this book.

Donna Baier Stein and Floyd Kemske, Write on Target: The Direct Marketer’s Copywriting Handbook.

Good advice for writing direct response copy.

Ruth P. Stevens, DMA Lead Generation Handbook.

How-tos on lead generation from a top business marketing professional.

Bob Stone and Ron Jacobs, Successful Direct Marketing Methods, 8th edition.

Probably the most authoritative text on direct marketing, covering every aspect in plenty of detail.

Joseph Sugarman, Marketing Secrets of a Mail Order Maverick and Powerful Advertising Copy from One of America’s Top Copywriters and Mail Order Entrepreneurs.

One of the true direct marketing visionaries, Joe Sugarman has done it all and is more than willing to share his war stories and strategies for success with readers.

Susan Sweeney, 101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site.

Details numerous ways to advertise, promote, and generate public relations for any organization’s Web site.

Lester Wunderman, Being Direct: Making Advertising Pay.

This book was authored by one of the greats of the direct marketing business. Combines autobiography with advice and wisdom—and shares Wunderman’s vision of where direct marketing is headed. Entertaining and insightful.

Robbin Lee Zeff and Brad Aronson, Advertising on the Internet, 2nd edition.

Covers Internet advertising in depth.

Jan Zimmerman, Marketing on the Internet, 5th edition.

Updated fifth edition is a comprehensive guide to marketing on the Internet. Includes the ABCs of Internet marketing, how to create and distribute info-tools, how to create a Web site, multimedia, e-commerce basics, and more.