Virtual Agents for the Enterprise

One type of “student” at CogUniversity is the CogBot. CogBots are are sophisticated, multilingual, virtual agents (conversational AI) that use best-of-breed AI services selected from the top AI vendors including IBM Watson, Google, and others. With CogUniversity, customers can create enterprise-ready virtual agents that can be taught and maintained far more easily than those built using conventional AI methods.

  • CogBots come with basic chat skills out of the box so you can get your project started quickly
  • You can quickly add knowledge to your CogBot by adding answers, uploading documents, or integrating with existing content management systems.
  • Your CogBots keep getting smarter through iterative teaching and testing with the CogMAT (Machine Aptitude Test)
  • Use your CogBot's detailed usage analytics dashboards to learn from user behavior and improve
  • Manage your CogBot deployments through a complete ticket-based support system

Patent Pending

One type of “student” at CogUniversity is the CogBot which learns domain knowledge through advanced AI learning technologies and teaching methods.

Future of Life
CogAbility promotes the responsible use of AI and supports the Future of Life Institute.

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