CogUniversity provides an engaging software environment where people collaboratively build, teach, and manage enterprise-grade AI solutions that leverage technology from the top AI vendors.

Manage Your Corpus

CogUniversity provides four powerful ways to quickly build and manage the corpus of data that fuels your AI:

  1. AutoIngest – Automatically ingest enterprise data into your corpus on a pre-defined schedule to keep your AI current.
  2. Ad Hoc Ingestion – Upload individual documents or records into your corpus for quick updates.
  3. Custom Answers – Your subject matter experts can create custom responses.
  4. Public Datasets – Leverage the growing number of public data collections available today to augment the data in your corpus.

Train Your AI

To learn how to do a job, your CogBot attends one or more CogUniversity courses where your subject matter experts train it by grading homework. When your CogBot passes its course, it’s ready for work.

Our exclusive Hybrid Training Model offers four ways to teach your AI:

  1. Ad Hoc Teaching – Subject matter experts submit new inputs to your CogBot and grade the responses using a simple 4-star rating system.
  2. Teaching feedback loop – Your CogBot automatically captures new inputs and routs them to the appropriate CogUniversity course where responses are graded by subject matter experts.
  3. AutoTeach – Automatically train your CogBot by ingesting existing content such as FAQ documents.
  4. RapidTeach – Tweak your CogBot to give the best answers to the most common questions.

Deploy Your AI

Put your new CogBot to work in any channel or environment – as a chatbot widget, inside third party apps like Facebook, as a text messaging agent, a voice/IVR agent, or an enterprise agent that flows across multiple systems. It’s totally up to you.

  1. CogBot Widget – Add your AI as a branded widget to any Web site or Web application with just two lines of code.
  2. Native app – Provide a more polished mobile AI experience.
  3. CAP API – Deploy your AI in any environment using the CogAbility Acceleration Platform (CAP) API.

Monitor & Improve

Every CogBot comes with a custom dashboard that monitors its performance at work. In addition, your dedicated CogBot Advisor will keep tabs on your digital worker’s performance and alert you if additional training is needed.

AI Technologies We Support

Now Accepting Students For:

Conversational AI

Alli Gator UF College of Engineering

  • Public-Facing Virtual Agents
  • Employee Assistants
  • Process Assistants
  • Application Assistants
  • Integrated Payment & Fee Estimators
Process Automation

document processing AI solutions

  • Intelligent Process Orchestration
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Anomaly Detection Agents
  • Conversational AI for Querying & Control
Document Processing

cogability education document processing

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Document Classification
  • Entity & Data Extraction
  • Routing & System Updates
  • Conversational AI for Querying & Alerts
Custom AI Solutions

custom AI digital employee

  • Image Classification & Extraction
  • Machine Learning
  • Prediction Systems
  • Generative AI w/ RAG and Safety Guardrails