CogUniversity is the first university in the world founded specifically for teaching machines rather than humans. CogUniversity provides an engaging software environment where people collaboratively build, teach, and manage enterprise-grade AI solutions that leverage technology from the top AI vendors. With your own dedicated CogUniversity campus, you can:

  • Manage your corpus
  • Teach your AI
  • Deploy your AI
  • Monitor and improve your AI
  • Explore emerging AI technology

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Advancing AI learning technologies and teaching methods

Manage Your Corpus

CogUniversity provides four powerful ways to quickly build and manage the corpus of information that fuels your AI:

  1. AutoIngest - establishes a secure CogGateway for automatically ingesting your enterprise data into your corpus on a pre-defined schedule to keep your AI current at all times
  2. Ad Hoc Ingestion - lets you easily upload individual documents to your corpus for quick updates
  3. Custom Answers - your subject matter experts compose answers to the users' questions which become part of your corpus thereby scaling your experts via your AI
  4. Public data - Leverage the growing number of public data collections available today to augment the private data in your corpus

Teach Your AI

CogUniversity leverages the industry-exclusive Hybrid Training Model to help subject matter experts teach your AI on your domain-specific information in four different ways:

  1. Ad Hoc Teaching - subject matter experts pose questions to your AI and rank the responses using a simple 4-star rating system making your AI smarter
  2. Teaching feedback loop - keeps your AI focused on the actual user needs by automatically capturing user questions and routing them to the appropriate CogUniversity course where  your AI's responses are ranked by subject matter experts
  3. AutoTeach - an industry-exclusive function that automatically trains your AI from "CogReady" content such as FAQ documents making your AI smarter without human assistance
  4. RapidTeach - helps your AI give the best answers to the most common questions.

Deploy Your AI

CogUniversity provides three flexible ways to deploy your AI:

  1. CogBot Widget - shorten time to value by quickly adding your AI in the form of a branded widget to any Web site or Web application in just minutes
  2. CogBot Native iPhone/iPad app - provide a polished mobile AI experience for your users via the CogAbility White-label iOS App customized for your branding and published in the Apple App store
  3. CAP API - embed your AI in most any application or device via the simple REST application programming interface (API) provided by the underlying CogAbility Acceleration Platform (CAP)

Monitor & Improve Your AI

Your CogUniversity Analytics department will provide three ways to monitor and improve your AI:

  1. CogAbiity Machine Aptitude Test (CogMAT) - uses sophisticated statistical analyses to objectively measure the quality of your AI's responses in multiple dimensions and presents them in the CogUniversity Gradebook
  2. Hybrid Training Model - another CogUniversity industry-exclusive function that tracks the most common user questions and automatically tunes your AI to provide the best responses
  3. Cognitive Analytics - uses AI to generate detailed visualizations of user activity as well as the activity of CogUniversity faculty and staff so you can constantly improve your AI

Explore Emerging AI

Your CogUniversity campus includes an AI Research and Development department to help you discover, explore, and incorporate the latest AI learning technologies and tools into your AI as they emerge:

  1. Advanced AI Tooling - collaborate to continuously improve your AI.
  2. AI Technology "Playgrounds" - explore with the latest AI technology as it emerges to grow you competitive advantage
  3. AI Communities - participate in AI communities to stay current, learn from others, and contribute

Future of Life
CogAbility promotes the responsible use of AI and supports the Future of Life Institute.

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