Responsible AI for Public Servants

We use AI to empower leading government, education, and health care organizations – and the people they serve.

CogAbility was founded in 2017 by Jim Hoskins, a former IBM engineer, consultant, and technology author. Jim has a long history of excellence in helping businesses leverage technology through publications, mobile apps, and complete AI solutions. As one of the first 75 companies invited to work with the IBM Watson team, CogAbility today leverages AI technologies from IBM, Google, Amazon, OpenAI, and others to help organizations empower their people and gain competitive advantage in exciting new ways.

Meet our Leadership Team

Experience solving real world problems with AI.

Why Choose Us?

Full-Service AI Partner

Yes, we build the best conversational AI chatbots in the public sector. But we do much more than that. From machine learning to process automation, document processing, and generative AI, whatever you need we can build and support it for you.

No AI skills required

We deliver every CogBot as a full-service solution. Our team takes care of all the coding, data work, system integrations and AI work required to get your digital employee up and running quickly. Once launched, we assign a dedicated CogBot Advisor to support you and your team.

Pre-Trained AI Solutions

We specialize in building digital employees for specific jobs, so when you buy from us you’re getting more than engineering team – you’re getting a complete, tested solution plus a data base (corpus) you can tweak. This speeds delivery, reduces work, and ensures your solution will work as intended. When your CogBot needs new skills, just enroll it in a new course.

We make it easy on your team

Our delivery model couldn’t be simpler: we build your CogBot, you train it at CogUniversity, and we measure its performance on your CogBot’s custom activity dashboard.  No special IT skills or heavy lifting is required on your part.

“…Of all the partners and clients I have worked with, the CogAbility team definitely stands out as a top performing team that really understand the Watson technology and can translate their knowledge into efficient production-ready solutions.”

Joe Kozhaya, Ph.D, IBM Master Inventor & Watson Adoption Leader