What We Do

AI Solutions For Universities

We build affordable AI-powered digital employees (“CogBots”) that empower universities and the students they serve.

CogBots are at work in universities today teaching students how to apply AI in their field of study, serving as a digital teaching assistant, and guiding students & staff to the information they need.

With a CogBot on your team, your faculty and staff have more time to focus on what matters most: educating and serving students.

A Platform For Teaching Students AI

Teach Students How AI Works

As part of the University of Florida’s $70 million campus-wide AI Initiative, CogAbility is developing campus-wide courses to introduce UF students to AI technologies and their many applications. In 2021, UF Engineering students began learning how prediction, anomaly detection, and conversational AI systems function by using CogUniversity to train and test their models using real world data. Today, UF is rolling these courses out to more colleges.

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Alli Gator: UF's AI Campus Companion

Serve Faculty & Staff 24/7

The University of Florida needed a simpler way to give students and faculty access to important information stored in multiple systems that better matched the communication behavior of college students today. The result is “Alli Gator,” an advanced conversational AI built by CogAbility and trained by UF faculty and students at CogUniversity.

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Technologies We Use

AI Solutions For Higher Education

CogAbility can build any AI-based solution you need using our proven full-service model.

Conversational AI

Alli Gator UF College of Engineering

Unlike chatbots that require special skills to build and maintain, our conversational AI is easy to train, affordable, and has no equal when it comes to pleasing users & staff. Maybe that’s why 100% of our projects succeed.

Process Automation

document processing AI solutions

Digital employees built with the latest AI process automation technologies improve productivity and reduce errors for your staff. Best of all: no special IT or data skills are required on your end.

Document Processing

cogability education document processing

Reduce errors & bottlenecks with a document processing CogBot built with the latest AI, NLP, RPA, and OCR technologies. Delivered as a full-service solution and supported by a dedicated CogBot Advisor.

Custom AI Solutions

custom AI digital employee

CogBots can learn to do anything today’s AI can do, because we work with the best AI technologies from Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and more. Our full-service delivery model insulates your team from AI’s complexity & learning curve.

How We Do It

Affordable AI (Minus the Complexity)

We make it easy to add digital employees to your organization without having to learn complex AI tools or hire rare skills.

Step 1: We Build Your CogBot

First, we build your new digital employee (CogBot) using the latest AI technology from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, OpenAI, and open source libraries and integrate it with internal/external systems.  Nothing is needed on your end – we supply all of the skills and technology.

Step 2: We Train It

Next, your CogBot attends CogUniversity, the world’s first university for machines, where your subject matter experts will train it by grading homework. A CogBot can learn a variety of skills by enrolling in additional courses. When your CogBot passes the course, it’s ready for work.

Step 3: We Deploy It

Put your new CogBot to work in any channel or environment – as a chatbot widget, inside third party apps like Facebook, as a text messaging agent, a voice/IVR agent, or an enterprise agent that flows across multiple systems. It’s totally up to you.

Step 4: Monitor & Improve

Every CogBot comes with a custom dashboard that monitors its performance at work. In addition, your dedicated CogBot Advisor will keep tabs on your digital worker’s performance and alert you if additional training is needed.

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100% Project Success (So Far)

What Our Customers Say

Hans Van Oostrom

When we launched UF’s campus-wide AI Initiative, we needed an easy-to-use platform to give our students hands-on experience with several kinds of AI while appealing to a wide range of technical ability.  CogAbility is the only platform capable of supporting our AI education goals for all students at UF – not just in Engineering & Computer Science.

Hans Van Oostrom PhD - Assoc. Professor, UF College of Engineering & Member of AI Initiative