CogAbility Acceleration Platform (CAP)

The CogAbility Acceleration Platform together with CogUniversity provides a complete end-to-end artificial intelligence workflow that accelerates solution development, deployment, and AI training – thereby shortening the time to value for AI solutions.

Our unified API insulates your applications from constantly-changing services from Google, IBM, Amazon and more.

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Shorter Time To Value

In 2016, the IBM Watson team needed a new mobile cognitive application called Watson Business Coach for a fast-approaching World of Watson conference. They chose CogAbility and CAP because no one else could develop the application in time. By leveraging CAP, Watson Business Coach went from concept to production in 3 weeks and debuted World of Watson on time.

Hybrid Training Model

Our patent-pending Hybrid Training Model automatically fine-tunes underlying AI responses to find the best fit of short tail/long tail answers based on user questions. Our model delivers best-in-class coverage, precision, and accuracy – far better than rules-driven chatbots.  It’s multi-contextual, too – meaning your agent can automatically & seamlessly move from one set of skills/use case to another based on user inputs.

Accelerate Your Business

Whether you are just starting to think about applying artificial intelligence in your organization or you’ve started your AI journey and are looking to accelerate success, CogUniversity and the CogAbility Acceleration Platform can help you.

AI Technologies We Support

AI Solutions Enabled by CAP

Conversational AI

Alli Gator UF College of Engineering

  • Public-Facing Virtual Agents
  • Employee Assistants
  • Process Assistants
  • Application Assistants
  • Integrated Payment & Fee Estimators
Process Automation

document processing AI solutions

  • Intelligent Process Orchestration
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Anomaly Detection Agents
  • Conversational AI for Querying & Control
Document Processing

cogability education document processing

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Document Classification
  • Entity & Data Extraction
  • Routing & System Updates
  • Conversational AI for Querying & Alerts
Custom AI Solutions

custom AI digital employee

  • Image Classification & Extraction
  • Machine Learning
  • Prediction Systems
  • Generative AI w/ RAG and Safety Guardrails